A Bid to Save the Earth: Christie's Green Auction

Christie's is holding a Green Auction on April 11th at New York City's Rockefeller Center. The world's top international collectors, philanthropists, celebrities, and designers will convene for a very high-profile, black-tie, star-studded night of entertainment, fashion, and an incredible live auction. All proceeds will benefit A Bid to Save the Earth, a collaboration between businesses and environmental nonprofits committed to protecting the future of our Earth.

Fly in Harrison Ford's plane! Image Chat Slattery

This year, they are trying to keep a broad scope, engaging the art, fashion, and design communities, with eight live lots. The auction itself will last about one hour, and is extremely exclusive, invite only, with the invitees being mainly supporters of NGOs, important Christie's clients, and celebrities. The eight lots will consist of four incredible fantasy lots worth upwards of $100,000 and four paddle raises where guests will donate money. The details for this year's lots have not been made public yet, but excellent examples from last year's fantasy lots include the opportunity to spend a day with Bill Clinton, tour the entire world, or fly in Harrison Ford's plane. This is the first year where the paddle raises will have a program-specific theme - water, which is, though people don't recognize it enough, the essence of life. All of the money from these lots will go to water-specific programs, such as Oceana, with its anti-shark finning campaign, and the Clean by Design program, part of the Natural Resources Defense Council, which aims to keep chemicals out of rivers in China.

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The good news is that though this event is very exclusive and invite-only, there is an online component, powered by charitybuzz.com, that will run alongside the live auction and is open to everybody. The online auction will run from the 17th of March until the 7th of April, with hundreds of packages and a broader price range, generally from $1,000 to $10,000, though last year one travel experience sold for $75,000! The exact details have not been released yet, but examples from previous years include travel experiences to Bali or Utah City Park (including carbon offsets), celebrity experiences such as lunch with Coco Rocha, or an internship with Donna Karan. The fantasy lots of the live auction will also be made available first for online bidders. It will work in a similar fashion to websites such as Ebay, where you place your bid, wait, and then the bidding will end after a certain amount of time. They are also doing a video contest this year, where the prize is two free tickets to the live auction event! Your video should answer the question "How are you pledging to go green in 2012?"(for example, by using an aluminum bottle instead of plastic ones), and should be posted to their Facebook page (where they are called A Bid to Save the Earth).

Co-Chairs Francois-Henri Pinault and actress Salma Hayek. Image © Patrick McMullan Co.

About Christie's Green Auction

Christie's is an international company offering fine art auctions and private sales to clients around the globe since 1766. The event, founded in 2010, was a collaborative effort between a group of executives at Christie's and four nonprofits: Central Park Conservancy, whose mission is to restore, manage, and enhance Central Park; Conservation International, which uses science, policy, and field work to protect the resources on Earth; Oceana, the largest international organization working solely to protect the world's oceans; and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a national environmental action group. It arose out of a recognition of the need for corporate social responsibility, and aims to raise awareness and bring attention to an issue that unites all of us. For more information about Christie's, please click here. For more information about A Bid to Save the Earth, please click here. To post a video contest entry, or just visit their Facebook page, please click here.