Bion's Turns Manure into Money

Bion's cow

Bion Environmental Technologies: Setting the Pace for Nutrient Reduction at the Source.

Dairy farms are a large source of nitrogen and phosphorous leaching into waterways. Fixing that problem at the farm, rather than waiting for it to travel downstream into municipal water systems, can save millions for financially stressed towns. Bion’s system captures valuable nutrients at the source, funneling farm waste through a high-tech and bio-tech system that extracts valuable cellulose and nutrients.
For the farmer, the benefits include threesources of revenue:
  • Cellulose, which can be sold to pellet makers for use as a renewable fuel; or can be used at the farm for animal bedding, preserving more valuable crops such as hay.
  • Fertilizer, which is safe and clean to store in the winter months for use in local or global growing seasons.
  • Verified nutrient reduction credits, which can be sold to utilities, municipal wastewater treatment plants and industries to meet storm water and municipal waste regulations.
Kreider Farms in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, installed the Bion system and are delighted with the results. Ron Kreider, president and CEO and 3rd generation leader of Kreider Farms, said,
“We installed Bion Environmental Technologies’ equipment to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous flowing into the watershed. This provides significant improvements to our local public health and quality of life, and stimulates economic activity in our communities.”

The installation, featured in the TGEink video, has proved the case for Bion Environmental Technologies. Summing up, Mr. Bassanti mused that the Chesapeake Bay is operating under regulations set in 1972, while the science has evolved. He believes municipalities are paying a lot but getting very little in return. He adds,

“There’s almost a complete disconnect between science and what we’re doing now to clean water. Put it [water quality] up for bid. The agriculture industry will step in when they see the opportunity to sell credits like anyone else would.”