Bullitt Center: A Living Building in Seattle


The Bullett Center is an iconic building that sets the standard for self sustaining buildings everywhere.

The building was designed to leave no footprint behind, and yet to be a warm, comfortable place for people to work.  Installing many new technologies, including energy efficiency financing, the building is a model for others.

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“One building off by itself has zero impact on the world’s climate, but a building that is influential and begins to change the way that architects, engineers, contractors, developers and financial institutions shape the built environment, that’s a building that was worth building.”

Denis Hayes, CEO, Bullitt Foundation


This building is using the creative financing written about in our article "Energy a Utility Can Count On". A transaction document was created that allowed the local utility to purchase the efficiency of the building as if it were generation.


ƒƒ Waterless waste facilities

ƒƒ Composting toilets

ƒƒ Wastewater use as grey water

ƒƒ Rainwater harvesting


ƒƒ Building Management System

ƒƒ Public dashboard of building energy and water use

ƒƒ Dual meters for energy used and energy saved or sent back to the grid


ƒƒ Concrete only in areas needed for strength or stability

ƒƒ Forest Council Certified wood used throughout

ƒƒ Triple pane glazing

ƒƒ Exterior, automatically operable blinds


ƒƒ Geothermal heat and cooling

ƒƒ Solar panels

ƒƒ Regenerative elevator (braking energy used as in a hybrid car)

ƒƒ Heat pumps

ƒƒ Heat exhaust re-use

Community & Health

ƒƒ Walkable community

ƒƒ Ride/Rack/Rinse area for bikes

ƒƒ Central well-lit stairs encourage walking

ƒƒ Connection to outside space