Carbon Credit Capitol Makes a Big Difference by Going Small

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credit Capital Offers Small Businesses a Big Solution to Climate Change

"Lack of political will" is no longer an excuse for failing to act on climate change, according to Carbon Credit Capital president Olivia Fussell. Now with their carbon credit program, ordinary individuals and small businesses can be part of the solution, irrespective of governmental policy.

Carbon credits (also known as carbon offsets) are generated from strictly regulated projects that create job opportunities, improve people's health, and protect the environment. In essence, you can invest money in a "green" project in order to make up for the carbon output you, your family, or your business generates. 

If you are thinking, "I can't be producing that big of a carbon footprint," keep in mind that a household of 3-5 can emit 3.25 metric tons (over 7,000 lbs) of CO2 equivalent per month, for a total of 86,000 pounds of carbon pollution in just one year.

What is the size metric ton of CO2?

Check out this cool graphic to help you visualize it.

1 metric ton of CO2

Other Benefits of Using Carbon Credits for Businesses

Carbon Credit Capital (CCC) has "Carbon Neutral Checkout Program" for businesses. CCC will help measure the carbon footprint of your products and help you integrate offsets to whatever degree you desire. You have the flexibility to select what products you would like to include in the offset program and to choose to which degree you would like to offset your footprint. You can even go completely carbon neutral and CCC will provide you with the proper certificates of authenticity. Carbon offsets allow your business to increase brand strength, demonstrate business leadership, and be a climate change solution as opposed to source.

A Word from CCC President Olivia Fussell

Ms. Fussell, in a company newsletter, explained how carbon credits provide an individual, immediate solution to climate change. She began by recognizing that, "There are some individual solutions to climate change, such as energy and material efficiency initiatives and designs, proliferation of all renewable sources of energy, overall reduction of consumption and carbon mitigation in the form of offsets either through avoidance or sequestration of greenhouse gases."

President Olivia Fussell"However, the only way we succeed in stopping runaway climate change is by embracing every one of these pillars of sustainability. We recognize that offsets are not a cure-all - but they are every bit as necessary as, and in many cases much more immediate a solution to this overwhelming problem any of the other means listed above." 

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