• The Revolution in Solar

    The Revolution in Solar

    Blockchain financing, storage, lowered prices, new technologies and designs are the new solar: affordable, hidden and always on.

  • Bufferzone: a Movie about People

    Bufferzone: a Movie about People

    As we struggle with an increasingly contentious political environment, a nonprofit, a rural town, elephants and rhinos, women entrepreneurs, park police, distributed electricity all work together. Stunning video, inspiring story.

  • Canada Cracks Down on Carbon Pricing

    Canada is falling short of its pledged carbon emission reductions in large part because of several of its provinces and territories are failing to implement carbon pricing systems. The Government of Canada has proposed implementing a carbon prices backstop in provinces and territories that are struggling to meet federal standards. Implementing this backstop  would effectively put a cap on carbon emissions in Canada’s provinces and create a national price for carbon. 

  • Bringing 19th Century Cities into the 21st Century

    Bringing 19th Century Cities into the 21st Century

    Municipalities are facing challenges never envisioned by their founders. Working with private contractors, they are cleaning water, reducing energy costs and  providing job training.

  • An Alternative America First Energy Plan

    An Alternative America First Energy Plan

    Kenneth Kramer argues that decarbonizing the economy is a key step for our future. He lists pressures that are driving change along with the opportunities in doing so.

  • Growing the Economy with Renewable Energy

    An increase in Massachusetts and Connecticut renewable energy could create as many as 43,000 jobs over a 12-year period across the region.

  • What if Parking Lots Were Not Just for Parking

    What if Parking Lots Were Not Just for Parking

    Almost 20% of car crashes happen in parking lots. In the summer, they make us hotter. Our videographer looks at how we could do better.

  • Energy Budget Cuts

    'America First' Budget Blueprint - No Room For Energy Efficiency

    The America First budget blueprint for 2018 eviscerates a number of energy efficiency programs. American Council for Energy Efficient Economy reacts to these budget cuts.

  • Food Water and Energy Nexus

    Mobile Solar Powered Unit Cleans Water

    WorldWater and Solar technologies (WWST) provides robust, customized, reliable and replicable solutions by designing and building integrated solar and water stand-alone platforms.

  • 4 steps to solar installation

    Why Doesn't Everyone Have Solar?

    Too many home and commercial owners think solar is too hard, the benefits too low or they won't be in the building long enough. Think again.

  • California Floods Hide Underground Droughts

    California Floods Hide Underground Droughts

    Our water storage for the next generation -- and maybe our own -- faces challenges that are hidden.  Our guest editor discusses depleting aquifers and their impact on our economy and our future.

  • Appliance Standards really do save money

    Appliance Standards Aren't Just a Pretty Logo

    The Southwest, Texas and Arizona are big winners with savings from efficient appliances. Standards are not just nice logos.