Indoor Agriculture Gets Boost from Technology

Keeping track of water, humidity, light and other variables can be a full time job. 

MotorLeaf efficiently manages all that, reducing costs while letting indoor farmers have more time for their business.One of the strongest new agricultural technology companies, The companty is on a mission to become the world's leading operating system for indoor agriculturalists. The company's technology works through an operating system with a modular platform that provides continuous monitoring for the temperature, humidity, pH, and light level control. The device can even monitor nutrient levels for the crops.

Designed by a farmer who loves technology, there are two designs for the operating system that work through probes and sensors with offline and online capabilities. The software platform and the four hardware units are market ready and have already caught the eye of large supermarket chains. This technology could change the way indoor agriculture operates in the future, making agricultural markets even more efficient. It can work on a hobbyist or professional level, and the risk and operating cost reductions that comes with it speaks for itself. But to see the makers of the company speak for themselves, watch the video here: