Instant Affordable Housing for Vets

Cascon Industries Modular Eco Homes© Stems the Tide of Homeless Populations,  Military Veterans, the Disenfranchised,  Displaced and Those Who Demand Sustainable, Decorative, Indestructible Dwellings. 

Affordable Homes 4 U (AH4U) – Supporting our Servicemen (S.O.S.) and PR-Cascon Modular Eco Homes (CME Home) lay the foundation for a global, fully integrated Marketing and Sales campaign from offices in Marina Del Rey- Ca. , Palm Beach- Fl., Paris- France and Hanoi- Vietnam.

The number of spokes around the global hub of the Pacific Rim Business Council and Cascon Industries, (a sustainable, housing manufacturer and shipping container builder in Vietnam) continues to grow.   Strategic partnerships were announced from Marina del Rey, California headquarters by Holmes Stoner, Worldwide Director of Cascon Marketing and Sales.  He confirmed an association is forged between Affordable Homes 4 U (AH4U) and their non-profit foundation ‘Supporting Our Servicemen’ (SOS).      

An east coast division, PR-Cascon Modular Eco Home (CME Home) based in Palm Beach, Florida, is mounting a multi media publicity campaign to advance sales and brand visibility of the pre-fabricated homes and structures that are fashioned from reinforced steel container modules.    

A strategic media partnership was also confirmed between ad-avenue’s Francois Huynh, a global leader in news aggregation. A spokesperson from Cascon’s marketing division, Vector International Pictures ( confirmed, ad–avenue ™ is an international agency specializing in digital marketing.  With their set of fully integrated tools they help businesses grow both visibility and market share.  ad-avenue’s marketing strategy includes media alert aggregation, social media cultivation, legacy apps, landing page sites and comprehensive online social and media assistance for the Pac Rim Business Council’s Cascon division, AH4U and Supporting Our Servicemen (SOS), the nonprofit foundation.  

The campaign is being simultaneously launched out of ad-avenue’s offices in Paris, Strasbourg.  VIPictures in the Palm Beaches, FL and Los Angeles, Ca will be providing design and digital content by for the Cascon sales campaign.  ad-avenue ™ also announced plans to open a satellite bureau in San Francisco, California this summer to further broaden client’s reach., has also signed on as a PR- Cascon Modular Eco media partner.  The global media aggregation service is the only press service that guarantees inclusion in over 500 reputable media and press outlets at an affordable price.  From their offices in India and Largo, Maryland, ABnewswire will further media visibility for Cascon Industries and their affiliates.  

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“The multi-use buildings and residences are being manufactured in the Cascon Industries million square foot plant in Hanoi.  Built in 2004 and retrofitted with an additional capital infusion of 8 million USD in 2013 the factory was built for in excess of a quarter billion dollars USD.   Cascon retrofitted the factory  to accommodate the manufacturer of both freight containers and indestructible container homes and structures.  Cascon has up to 700 engineers, designers and tradesmen in its employ,” according to Cathy Houng, Supervising Director of PR- Cascon Homes.  “PR- Cascon exceeds the ISO 9000 International Standard of Excellence while utilizing peerless construction protocols,” she said, while insisting the move to affordable, eco friendly homes “is a wave for the future”.    

The demand for Cascon Homes is “expanding in leaps without boundaries” says L. Monte Cook  III, founder of AH4U and SOS.