New Eatery combines 7-Eleven with Whole Foods

Owners Credit Success To Organic Ingredients, Unique Business Model

With healthy, quick meal options available, Locali Conscious Convenience has quickly become a celebrity favorite eatery and has grown to now include three locations in Hollywood, Venice, and downtown LA.

Founded by Melissa Rosen and Greg Horos based on their shared passion for healthy eating, and disdain for the status quo, Locali serves food with a focus on organic, natural, healthy ingredients including many vegan and gluten-free options.

Melissa and Greg's story is that of true entrepreneurs, and as their business is growing, so are their innovative ideas to help Locali stand out from the rest. Their disruptive business model has set them apart from competition, and allowed them to secure an extremely difficult large loan to get their Venice storefront open and operating, creating even more jobs in the community.

Locali By The Numbers 

  • Locali did $1,765/spsf (sales per square retail foot) in 2013 - nearly double that of Whole Foods - and is projected to reach $2,400/spsf in 2014.
  • Locali averages 30-33% incremental sales increases per annum
  • Locali is approximately 2% of gross business to Southern California's premier organics supplier
  • The average Locali customer visits the store 2-3 times per day
  • Disruptive Business Model

Employee Training Model 

  • Not the typical cookie-cutter business model -  Locali's menu and offerings are nubile, providing the potential franchisee with the flexibility to create an experience that is unique to their particular city or neighborhood.  
  • All deli items and most retail products can be sourced nationally
  • Proven relationships between Greg Melissa and their vendors has granted them discounts usually reserved for big box retailers.   
  • All too often, "mom and pop" concepts can become sullied by corporate ideologies.  The ideologies and business practices of Melissa and Greg have allowed them to serve as consultants and small business advisors for start up companies (both food service and retail)

Employee Engagement and Training

  • Low Turnover Rate Not the typical cookie-cutter business model -  Locali's menu and offerings are nubile, providing the potential franchisee with the flexibility to create an experience that is unique to their particular city or neighborhood.  
  • They pay 15-20% above the average salary for deli staff and in offering a fair and livable wage (with a fun, creative environment)
  • An employee can truly flourish and deliver superior customer service.
  • Locali promotes from within and hires an ethnically/ culturally diverse staff that all share their passion for organics and healthier alternative foods...and it reflects in the customer experience.

How Locali Got A Business Loan In A Financial Crisis

From Melissa & Greg: "The challenge in launching a disruptive retail concept is that there is no metric by which to measure against, so it took a leap of faith on the part of the lender.  Since conventional banking sources would not touch us, convincing a boutique institution with an SBA program was the way to go.  After hitting wall after wall, we contacted the LA area Deputy District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration, who recommended us to USC Credit Union.  Due to the popularity of our offering (and an unprecedented customer loyalty factor generated by what customers deemed "last meal worthy" food) we were able to reflect profitability within our second year of operations.  It was at that point where we realized, after operating "lean and mean" (50% necessity, 50% trial and error) created measurable systems.  Cost and portion controls, inventory management, menu analysis and labor analytics began to materialize based on the fact that we had created a tangible, bankable concept with the most limited of resources...all while remaining true to the organic/natural foods model.  These very metrics not only illustrated the building blocks of a franchise model, but formulated the beginnings of the revised business plan that helped secure our second round of growth capital through the Valley Economic Development Council and US Bank. "

Locali uses cutting-edge technology to simplify all their systems, including:

  • Revel POS System- a Cloud based point of sale allows Locali greater and more in-depth analysis of their customer metrics, better tips for our staff and ability to collect email addresses for marketing campaigns. Has innovative kitchen monitor for order processing
  • ShopKeep POS is used at Localita in downtown LA and they love their customer experience
  • ChowNow- powers a personalized online ordering app for Local
  • Eat24, GrubHub, Seemless, LABites and Chewse are building lucrative working relationships with Locali as well throughout their feed of pickup, delivery, and catering orders
  • Social media engagement with customers including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Locali is constantly growing and retooling their social strategy
  • allows Locali to have the best scheduling experience for our staff and supervisors. It's like a Facebook for staff as well to exchange communication and swap shifts with ease.
  • Locali uses, in addition to Craigslist, for employee recruitment
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