NY Energy Lab Boasts $20 Billion Investment

Recently, the New York Power Authority signed an agreement with SUNY Polytechnic Institute to design and build an energy research and development lab that will be the largest of its kind in the world. 

The reasons to be excited for such a development are two fold:

  • All of the exciting innovations continuing to emerge as the energy sector rushes to develop the smart grid first need to be tested; the proposed new lab will simulate changes to the grid, and once the potential impacts are understood, system improvements can be designed, which will lower the cost of upgrades for all utilities and allow for a more rapid response if there is ever a threat to the power supply.
  • Energy research labs have traditionally been devoted to old-school utility protocols, such as central generating plants€” using fossil fuels and long transmission lines, while microgrids, renewables,  and the like have forced a new wave of innovation in the energy sector to the fore.