Reducing Risk in Solar Installations

DuPont and Enerpoint are hosting two key events during the Solarexpo, held between April 8-10 in Milan, to make rooftop solar energy system installations safer.   

Dupont is the leading supplier of specialty materials to the solar energy industry, with a line of advanced materials designed to improve the power output, reliable lifetime, and return on investment in solar energy systems, and has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products and services since 1802.

Enerpoint has developed undisputed reference within the Italian photovoltaic (PV) market over the past 14 years. With over 30,000 installations in Italy, directly and through its network of qualified installers, it has built a brand synonymous with excellence and professionalism, with three business lines in operation today, its headquarters located in Nova Milanese, with additional offices in Tel Aviv.

During Solarexpo, DuPont and Enerpoint will host an exclusive PV Quality Clinic where installers of PV rooftop systems will be able to directly interact with technical experts to discuss reliability and durability issues they are confronted with in the field, and get recommendations for proposed solutions.

Goal: educate rooftop installers

Together, the two companies hope to educate rooftop installers about the best practices to follow in order to mitigate risk and help ensure optimal system performance, lifetime, and financial returns for rooftop solar energy systems.  According to Dupont regional marketing manager Stephan Padlewski:

"There are key considerations for rooftop solar installations that are very different from ground mounted systems and DuPont, together with Enerpoint, has developed some important insights on these variations to share with installers. From sourcing panels with the right bill of materials, to operations and maintenance, it’s our aim to help ensure rooftop PV systems power reliably for their expected lifetime of 25 years or more.”

Padlewski will be a featured speaker addressing the key differences between ground and rooftop PV installations, in particular regards to thermal stability of the protective back sheet, UV considerations, and risk mitigation strategies to prevent long-term reliability issues. According to Enerpoint founder and managing director Paolo Rocco Viscontini: 

“Enerpoint announced its collaboration with DuPont in 2014 and began closely monitoring the performance of rooftop solar panels in order to better understand and educate our customers about how to mitigate risk for rooftop systems in Italy. We’re looking forward to sharing some fascinating findings from this work during Solarexpo.”