Senator Cruz Commended for Ethanol Support

One Important Step Toward a Renewable Fuel Standard by a Republican Candidate

Former United States Senator and Americans for Energy Security and Innovation (AESI) Chairman Jim Talent released the following statement on Senator Ted Cruz’s statements in support of ethanol. Senator Cruz pledged to support the Renewable Fuel Standard through 2022 and end subsidies for oil and gas producers if elected president.

Former Senator Jim Talent

“I commend Senator Ted Cruz for joining other Republican presidential candidates including Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio and Donald Trump in voicing support for the Renewable Fuel Standard. The RFS has been an extremely successful policy over the past decade – with 10 percent of the nation’s fuel supply now coming from cost-competitive biofuels. It has helped the biofuels industry create more than 850,000 well-paying jobs in rural America and across the country. The fact is that energy markets are not free markets because of the international oil cartel. Senator Cruz is correct to call for leveling the playing field by ensuring market access for biofuels. His proposal to rescind the EPA blend wall will help to promote investment in biofuels that will help to create more jobs and spur innovation.”

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