Smart Apartments with a Streamlined Payment Plan

The Problem

Element31, a luxury apartment complex in Salt Lake City, was looking to make upgrades to place their property a cut above the market and attract young and tech-savvy residents. Recognizing that home automation systems are on the rise, the Element 31 property managers set out to give tenants automated and easy control over their units.

The Solution

Dwelo, a company that delivers seamless, simple smart apartments for residents and property managers, offered Element31 a complete apartment automation solution that incorporated a SparkFund Payment Plan.

The Dwelo system provides connected locks, thermostats, and lights, turning the Element31 units into miniature smart homes that can be controlled from an app on the resident's phones. The Dwelo apps allow residents and property managers to regulate temperature for energy conservation, automatically turn off lights while away, and lock doors remotely to keep their homes secure.

The Dwelo solution also makes it easier for Element31 to manage vacant units and maximize efficiency throughout the building with an administrative web app. Lights, temperature, and security can easily be controlled during periods of vacancy and showing. Dwelo's platform provides convenience, security and improved energy efficiency for both Element31's staff and their residents.

The Result

  • Enhanced brand reputation. The Dwelo smart home software attracts tech-savvy residents to the apartment complex.
  • Enhanced manager control. Element 31's management company can streamline its operations through augmented access management for staff and residents and can protect its assets with the transparency and automation provided by Dwelo.
  • Energy savings. Residents can expect savings of between 10%-15% on their heating and cooling; managers can save even more in their vacant units and common areas.
  • Peace of mind. Residents are assured that their apartments are locked (or unlocked!) and the lights are adjusted via a simple mobile app.
  • Fun and engaging resident space. The Dwelo system provides renters with the technology to control their homes from their sofa or out of town.

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