Texas Plant Makes Recycled Construction Mats

AXION's construction grade mats are being made on a new assembly line at their Texas-based manufacturing plant, which is part of an operational expansion to keep up with increasing demand for the Company's engineered products.

The Heavy Mats are ideal for temporary support surfaces under active heavy equipment with tracks or treads in wet and harsh-temperature environments. STRUXURE® mats have the ability to maintain structural integrity in wet conditions and are estimated to last five times longer than hardwood alternatives.

"There is a tremendous opportunity for our STRUXURE® Heavy Mats in diverse applications across the oil, gas and various civil infrastructure projects," said AXION's EVP for Building Products Dave Crane. "Our mat business is growing rapidly. Many field trials show that our mats outperform hardwood mats and offer many other benefits over them. We believe our engineered solutions are going to be utilized even more in both domestic and international markets and that more purchase orders are on the horizon."

The expansion of AXION's production and service capability in Texas will allow Spartan Mat to generate new revenue, according to Justin Thelin, founder of Spartan Mat, LLC. With a new contract, Spartan Mats plans to lease the product into hard to service markets..

"We look to distribute their products to more customers in different markets," Mr. Thelin added.  Spartan Mat, LLC, based in Olive Branch, Mississippi, produces and supplies crane mats, timber mats, laminated mats and composite mats, all used for pipeline, wind farm, marine barges, crane work and transmission and distribution line work. The company provides strong, lasting-construction mats to locations and job sites around the United States.

STRUXURE® Heavy Construction Mats are engineered using AXION's patented recycled-polymer technology, making them strong, durable and resistant to rot, fungus, insects, and moisture. STRUXURE® mats do not absorb or release any liquids and chemicals into the environment and are ideal in wet and harsh-temperature environments. Resistant to abrasion and tread-wear, STRUXURE® Heavy Mats are an excellent, cost-effective, long-term solution for industrial, energy, and civil construction projects. About AXION International Holdings, Inc. AXION (AXIH) creates innovative structural polymer solutions, engineering sustainable products and systems for applications that provide improved long-term value, consistent performance, and reduced maintenance costs in comparison to conventional products. Through its ECOTRAX® rail applications and STRUXURE® building products lines, AXION delivers tested, proven, and superior structural polymer solutions for the infrastructure, transportation, and energy industries.