Waste Made Useful & Beautiful

Imagine sipping from a cup made from your coffee grounds, or sitting on a bench made from paper waste.  What one imagines is something that will make you feel good, but not necessarily add to the décor of your office. Noble, based in San Diego, CA is changing that.

Founded by Robert Noble, the product is Ecor, developed in partnership with the USDA.

One example is this truly beautiful serpentine wall – made entirely of ECOR and decorated with a fantasy by artist Matt Forderer.  The mural was printed directly onto primed Flatcor panels, which were then curved and laminated to ECOR ESP walls. After Art San Diego ended, the panels were removed, sprung back to their original flat form, and are now installed on Roble’s office walls.

Another very practical use of Ecor’s wall panel systems is an installation at Chicago’s Union Station. This, like other projects, was designed with the Noble Environmental Technologies’ design team to create a workspace that meets the needs of the project. Available in a variety of colors and surface treatments, ECOR panels can be used as a structural element, or enhanced with flat or curved surfaces. The flexibility makes it an ideal choice to add personal design for any medium to large firm, especially those with a public presence for high-value clientele.

Exceptionally strong, light weight and customizable with a variety of surfaces, the product is being used in buildings and for household products. A product to brag about, Ecor is a 100​% recycled – and 100​%​ recyclable -- cradle-to-cradle certified product that can replace wood, particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, aluminum, plastic, cardboard and other composites. ​

Ecor is manufactured by adding water to the fiber to make it stick. The resulting brew is then submitted to pressure and heat and, what’s even better, it remains completely free of toxic materials such as formaldehyde or petroleum.​ The ‘magic’ is in the technology used to process the material while keeping it clean.

The company is creating packaging such as heart shaped boxes for Godiva, and unique bowls for serving guests. Customized design combined with recycled fiber is a winning combination.