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Five years ago, Washington, D.C. welcomed hundreds of international delegates and thought leaders to what is now the most influential gathering of energy efficiency professionals the world over: the Energy Efficiency Global Forum (EE Global). After Paris, a record-breaking return to D.C. and a spot in Europe's political epicenter, EE Global is back in the United States and poised to bring its proven brand of high-level networking, innovation-sharing and action-inspiring energy efficiency discourse to the movers and shakers in the industry.

What is the tipping point for energy efficiency to become mainstream? Is it wide scale business adoption of energy efficiency practices, or enactment of comprehensive energy policies? Is it increased economic security through optimal utilization of efficiency measures, or universal access to efficient energy? This year, EE Global will seek answers to these questions as hundreds of high-level policymakers, business representatives, and NGO leaders converge in Orlando, Florida to discuss this compelling topic.

By bringing together these foremost thought leaders in energy efficiency, EE Global 2012 will become more than a conference; it will be an action-inspiring event. Through the creation of public-private partnerships and the sharing of proven best practices, participants will create a path towards wide-spread energy efficiency implementation. Reaching across disciplines, across sectors and across borders, EE Global will spark the conversation to ensure energy efficiency surpasses the tipping point.


  • Spurring Innovation and Driving Productivity
  • The First Solution for Sustainable Energy for All
  • The Building Block for Sustainable Cities
  • Small Steps to a Smaller Footprint
  • THe EE 500: Organizations Driving Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Get Smart: The Evolving Relationship Between Buildings, Transportation, and the Grid
  • Plugging the Leak: Water and Energy
  • The Great Green Fleet and Beyond: Military Adoption of Energy Efficiency
  • Cracking the Green Jobs Conundrum
  • The Roadmap for Continual Industrial Improvement
  • Modernizing the Power Grid: Technologies and Programs Making it Happen
  • Help or Hindrance: Can EE Flourish Absent Government Intervention?
  • Tapping Into the Next Generation: Why to Effectively Market EE to Kids
  • Diverse Utilities Drive EE
  • Financing the Future: Innovative Financing Mechanisms Driving Global Investment in EE
  • Big Steps to a Smaller Footprint: Tackling EE Policy on a Global Scale
  • Dissecting Retrofit Models
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Bringing Government and Industry Together
  • Leveraging Technology to Increase Energy Efficiency
  • The Impact of Policy on Ensuring Access to Efficient Energy
  • Inside the Minds of EE Funders and Investors
  • Navigating the Global Regulatory Maze: Addressing the Need for Harmonization
  • Zeroing in on Homes: The Role of EE in the Residential Sector

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