Urban Mobility & Industrial Internet of Things Forum

Urban Mobility and Industrial IoT Forum 

Key areas of focus in smart city projects today include urban mobility, such as smart parking, electric vehicles and public transit as well as connected buildings and smart grid infrastructure. Major urbanization trends, aging infrastructure and the rise in extreme weather is driving a growing number of cities to embrace cleantech infrastructure projects that are making them more efficient, sustainable and resilient. The growth of cloud computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is enabling cities to deploy low cost sensors and collect data to make critical city systems more intelligent, interconnected and efficient. This is enabling a growing contingent of mayors and other city officials to track a vast array of data such as traffic patterns and air pollution.

The Forum will discuss new technology and business models gaining traction in these smart city projects. We will focus on policy drivers, technology trends, corporate innovations and partnerships that are creating new business opportunities and making cities smarter, cleaner and more resilient.

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Wells Fargo Learning Center, New York
Dec 01 2017