Extracting Valuable Oils from Organic Waste

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Renewable BioSystems, has licensed the exclusive North American rights to market and manufacture a proprietary oil extraction technology from the UK. RBL is manufacturing all North American based machines in the U.S. The technology combines specially designed pre-processing technology with a state of the art precision controlled heating process and a specially designed centrifuge to separate the waste stream into its major components: oil, water and solid.

The equipment processes up to 15 metric tons per hour of organic waste (e.g. the food residual portion of municipal solid waste, waste from food factories and supermarkets, offal from livestock processors, fish residuals, etc.), and converts varying percentages of this waste into oil that can be then be further processed into biodiesel. The remaining water and biosolids can be composted and used for fertilizer, further treated or disposed of.

The Company is raising capital to build a demonstration extraction machine, co-locate that machine with a user in a target sector, develop additional customers and advance the intellectual property. You gain some insights into the technology here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZStZVDiT1E.

Presenting for RBS will be Mr. Peter Behrle, CEO and Mr. Martin Zalite, President and CTO. Our Sector Expert is Michael P. Manna, Managing Director, Organic Recycling Solutions, LLC.