• Agritech Funding

    Agritech Startups: Venture Capital vs Consumer Capital

    Despite the growing investment opportunity in technology and robotics in agriculture, the decision for startup funders on how to fund the early stages is difficult.

  • Venture Capital Invests $3.7 Million in Organic Chickens

    New Markets for VCs: Organic Chickens

    S2G Ventures Invests $3.7m in Organic chickens in Shenandoah Valley Organic (SVO). Makes for healthy eating and healthy returns.

  • Energy as a Service

    Energy as a Service Fund At $7 Million, heading for $10

    SparkFund efficiency as a service works with energy vendors to provide businesses with efficient technology systems for a single monthly payment and no upfront cost. 

  • Short Term Farm Investments

    Iroquois Valley Farms now have a 3 year note callable in a year. This marks a major step in their ability to attract investors.

  • TGEink Partners with Ethical Corporation

    The Green Economy is partnering with the Ethical Corporation, providing our readers a $200 discount to a key March New York event for corporate executives.

  • Reaping Sustainable Harvests

    Reaping Sustainable Harvests

    Iroquois Valley Farms, a socially responsible farmland company, reviews its decade long growth, challenges and impact. 

  • Investments That Align with Values

    Investments That Align with Values

    There are many ways to make your investments have a positive impact on the environment.

  • Infrastructure Fund Assigned Four-Star Rating

    Infrastructure Fund Assigned Four-Star Rating

    CBRE Clarion Securities’ UCITS vehicle has received a four-star rating by Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research that compares performances of funds within peer categories.

  • Residential Solar Purchases Will Overtake Leasing in 2017

    Residential Solar Purchases Will Overtake Leasing in 2017

    As more residential customers choose to purchase solar, direct ownership is on its way to overtake third-party ownership and reclaim its position as the leading solar financing model.

  • Eco-Conservatives

    Conservatives from many sides of the country are uniting behind energy reform. The reasons may vary, but the end result is that policy is going to be affected by a change in those supporting new ways of thinking about this large, complex, old problem.

  • define cap and trade

    Pricing Carbon: Tax vs. Cap and Trade

    Cap and Trade, and a Carbon Tax solve the same problem in different ways. It may not be a one size fits all, but the advantages and drawbacks are important.

  • Next-Generation Solar PV

    Next-Generation Solar PV

    The study offers an analysis of the global market for advanced solar modules.