Get On the Road to Savings

100,000 'Negawatt' Promotion

green-building-1-300x274Metrus Energy has launched the first nationwide energy efficiency (EE) incentive program for large commercial, industrial and institutional customers who implement multi-measure retrofit projects. The offer provides 100,000 negawatts for free for customers who engage Metrus to develop and finance their retrofit projects using a Metrus Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA). Depending on your utility rates, this could be tens of thousands of dollars of savings above and beyond the benefits you get from implementing an efficiency retrofit.

Traditional state and utility EE incentives are a patchwork of programs that vary based on energy conservation measures (ECMs), customer type and geographic location. For example, a single customer with facilities in 10 different locations might need to talk to 10 different utilities about potential energy efficiency incentives. Metrus has changed the landscape of EE incentives by providing a 100,000 negawatts incentive for all large customers anywhere in the United States for any type of ECMs.

Negawatts Offer: How It Works

To get started, give us a call at 415-284-5000, fill out a project form, or send us an email to discuss your efficiency objectives and plans. To qualify for the incentive, you must sign an LOI with Metrus before December 31, 2013. Metrus then selects an optimal ESCO or works with your existing contractor to design an integrated retrofit project with deep energy savings. Metrus invests 100% of the project cost, verifies project performance, and bills you for services delivered. ESA service payments are based on actual energy units that are saved or “negawatts” (i.e., avoided kilowatt hours of electricity, avoided therms of natural gas, etc). On your first ESA statement, you receive 100,000 negawatts at no charge, while getting the benefits of upgraded energy equipment and systems without any CAPEX or performance risk.

For more information, visit Metrus’ negawatts offer webpage.