Industry Collaboration Set to Improve Solar Standards

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The D-SUN Distributed Solar Networkâ„¢ facilitates project specifications that will better inform the decisions of system owners, investors and users.

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions (DuPont) and Distributed Sun LLC (D-SUN) are partnering on a commercial solar development program that delivers best practice specifications, promotes data transparency and provides access to a comprehensive suite of analytical tools to benefit the growing solar energy industry.

"It's not enough to know who makes your modules, you have to know what's in them," said William F. Feehery, global business director for DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions. "Solar modules today are made with a complex assortment of materials, and given the intense cost pressures the industry faces, the results can be inconsistent. Materials matter, and understanding how to specify materials can make the difference between a project's success and failure."

The Distributed Solar Network™ delivers best-practice methods aligned with the rapidly changing industry landscape. In addition to project sourcing and funding, network members have access to truSolar™ – an industry-driven standard for project selection, underwriting and approval. These services are available to developers, installers and integrators nationwide through D-SUN.

D-SUN's suite of custom analytics is quickly becoming the industry's accepted best-practice for solar market decision-making within the commercial, industrial and public segments.

"This program will bring together the entire solar industry value chain in ways that benefit all market constituents," said Chase Weir, chief executive officer, Distributed Sun. "By increasing transparency, our collaboration drives optimal module selection standards with a preferred bill of materials and a standardized bill of materials for solar installations."

DuPont guides D-SUN on specifications for materials that have improved efficiency and a longer lifetime while minimizing overall system costs and reducing investment risk.

DuPont is the leading supplier of materials like silicon to the global photovoltaic industry. DuPont materials are in over half of the world's 300 million solar panels installed since 1975 and have been time-tested for over 5 trillion outdoor panel-hours.

"DuPont is uniquely qualified to provide insights on materials science in solar, and together with D‑SUN, we're making it easy to build key materials selection in to the planning process," Feehery said.

D-SUN is an industry-leading commercial solar developer. Through its Solar Energy Investment Companies (SEICs), D-SUN develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates commercial scale solar energy systems throughout the United States and aims to assess nearly 1.5 gigawatts of distributed solar projects through next year, providing database reliability and real-time fleet data collection.

"Improving solar value for ratepayers, taxpayers, capital markets, policy-makers and the environment is our shared commitment. We look forward to a long cooperation with DuPont across our shared missions – where distributed solar energy generation provides a significant share of our electricity portfolio," Weir said.

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