Investing in Infrastructure

large cover It will take innovation from the private sector, working with existing utilities, to fix our aging infrastructure.

Companies like Primus Green Energy, Axion International, and Tollgrade Communications are finding ways to infiltrate high cost endeavors through creative thinking. Primus Green Energy is turning biofuels, syngas and natural gas into gas at the pumps, bridging the gap between conventional oil-based gasoline and newer forms of energy. While different sources of gas are a considerable contribution to the problem of dependency on foreign oil, making it cost-effective and useable is a challenge. Primus is bridging the production ‘valley of death’ by developing creative partnerships with investors and technology partners. Axion International turns large-scale plastic waste into railroad ties that can withstand climate conditions that devastate conventional materials. 

out of the box

By using recycled materials, Axion addresses several problems: what to do with our detritus, how to overcome wood rot, and the shortage of suitable woods for the product in the first place. Tollgrade 

Communications recognized that the weak link in our electricity grids is assessing the reliability of millions of miles of cables. Aging infrastructure, increased usage and weather events mean “keeping the lights on gets tougher every day.” 


Tollgrade has developed a monitoring platform that allows companies to keep track of the grid’s working order. Bringing new products to complex and interrelated markets is an enormous challenge. To address these challenges, companies are coming up with creative solutions that require knowledge of the markets they are trying to penetrate, as well as an ability to think outside the box.