Nelson Solar to Install Solar Array Free of Charge

Wells Fargo Center for the Arts will add photovoltaic (PV) panels to its new California arts center.

Nelson Solar Panels is providing the center with a way to reduce its operating costs, said Gary Nelson, president of Nelson Solar Projects.

"As longtime supporters of the Arts Center, we believe strongly in the work that the center does, especially its programs for children," Nelson said.

Nelson Solar will install the array free of charge, selling electricity produced back to the center through a ten-year agreement. At the end of the ten-year period, Wells Fargo will take ownership of the panels.

"We are proud and grateful for this agreement," said Rick Nowlin, executive director at the center. "We'll be able to contribute to a cleaner environment and dedicate more resources to our mission oriented programs, such as music, dance and theater presentations; placing artists into classrooms and providing instruments to students."

The 400kW system is expected is produce 90 percent of the building's energy needs.

"[It] will allow the center to be more sustainable as a non-profit organization," Nowlin said.