Paper Towel Fights Bugs

Cascades Antibacterial paper towel secured a "4-Star" score from Environmental Leader Technology Review Score .

paper towels, green paper towels, antibacterial paper towelsThe Environmental Leader Technology Reviews is a program that recognizes excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits. Only products earning a score of 3.5 or better are included in the publication's report.

By earning "4 Stars", the Cascades Antibacterial paper hand towel effectively placed within the top 20 products recognized for excellence, technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits.

The Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towel provides a simple way to reduce bacterial contamination and transmission because it kills 99.99 percent of bacteria. By integrating a safe active ingredient into a dry format, the distinctly green-colored paper towel compensates for people's imperfect hygiene habits without changing how they wash or dry their hands.

The review included anonymous feedback from the judges. Among the insights, one judge noted, "genius! What a great way to get people to clean their hands and get double protection against cold and flu germs. It's like getting a flu shot booster several times a day. It's made of recycled paper also, so it's a sustainable product and creates demand for recycled fiber."