Getting to Scale: Financing a Resilient Economy

Getting to Scale Magazine CoverInvestors are finding stability and businesses are getting more efficient. It’s a marriage made in the green economy.

“Efficiency” is used a lot to describe how the economy is working and whether it is working well. Efficient capital, efficient workers, efficient systems are all designed to create more wealth with less resources. 

Energy efficiency — and its second cousin renewables — is a trillion dollar market with lots of people figuring out right now how to involve anyone and everyone. SolarCity is floating a bond offering for investors with $1,000 or $100,000. Equilibrium Capital has figured out a way for utilities to pay for energy efficiency upgrades, and profit at the same time. Atlantic Rushton is helping companies that are combining yields from renewable energy projects into a ‘YieldCo’ that gives investors a great return on their investment. A company has even found a way for investors to help sustainable farmers east of the Mississippi grow local, organic food. More to the point on corporate efficiency, Lux Research has seen companies improve their energy efficiency, to then use the experience to transform operations. 

All of these investments and upgrades are adding a layer of stability that is very much needed. Long term investments with reliable returns, continuing demand for US materials, and buildings that are a pleasure to work in. It’s all a matter of getting information and starting to plan how to be a part of the future.