Thriving in the Latest Technology Revolution

In 2011, this magazine wrote that we are about to miss out on the biggest opportunity since the industrial revolution.

What was true then, is truer now. Four hundred thousand people marching in New York City, a sea-change in China’s climate policy and a report—from Hank Paulson’s Institute, along with Michael Bloomberg’s and Tom Steyer’s nonprofits—detailed the risks for businesses that hide their head in the sand.

In this issue we look at the opportunities already in progress, and some of the companies that are taking advantage of the billions that are already being spent on infrastructure investments.  As a wealthier world demands food, water, energy and transportation to meet the daily needs of a growing population, innovation is taking striking new turns at home and abroad. 

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times!” We do. Letting business-as-usual dictate strategy is as dangerous now as it was when computers and the internet turned business upside down. 

A. Tana Kantor