Siemens Building Earns LEED Certification

The Siemens Building Technologies Division's Beltsville, MD branch office was recently awarded the LEED' for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance certification by the United States Green Building Council.

The Beltsville facility, which also earned the ENERGY STAR Label for superior energy performance, implemented a range of energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable operations measures as part of the certification process. To save natural gas and electricity heating and cooling the building, Siemens personnel retro-commissioned the facility to re-establish system set points and define optimum, efficient operating parameters for the HVAC equipment to save energy. This also included recalibrating sensors and using occupancy data to adjust heating and cooling cycles to match occupant patterns work schedules and seasonal changes. To reduce water usage, low flow fixtures were installed. A solid waste management program was implemented to reduce solid waste and increase recycling. Interior illumination was enhanced, and lighting loads were reduced with solar light tubes. LED lighting replaced 44 fluorescents, which upped efficiency and reduced energy, and they installed a domestic solar hot water heating system. They also implemented sustainable operations practices, including sustainable and green purchasing policies and green cleaning and maintenance practices.

As a result, the building is 27 percent more energy efficient than similar buildings, uses 21 percent less water, and produces nearly 600 fewer metric tons of CO2 emissions. The facility is not only more efficient with lower utility expenses, it also meets the rigorous operations and maintenance requirements of LEED ”which means that over the life of the facility it will be less costly to operate.