Utility Analytics Institute Summit 2012


Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel

5445 Forbes Place, Orlando, FL, 32812


Prepare yourself for a bold, new era of energy analytics. As utilities continue to make big investments in smart grid and other intelligent applications, data will play an increasingly vital role in how utilities operate. By putting in place the right analytics and data systems, your organization can:

  • Make better, more-informed decisions
  • Generate tangible business value from your assets
  • Create operational efficiencies across the grid
  • Enhance your customer service and support
  • ...And much more!

If you are responsible for grid or customer operations, you already know the importance of organizing, analyzing and applying data, and you also know that the flow of information will only escalate in the coming years. Are you effective in your efforts now, and are you prepared for future growth?

Get essential guidance and insights at the Utility Analytics Institute Summit 2012 - the utility industry's first and only event dedicated to analytics.


  • Discussion of a wide range of analytics topics, from data storage, management and cleaning to smart usage/application
  • In-depth coverage of both grid analytics and consumer analytics
  • Both high-level strategy and hands-on, real-world tactics
  • A variety of perspectives on today's analytics issues and debates
  • Content extending far beyond the basics of smart meter data management
  • A one-of-a-kind chance to boost your current understanding of analytics and prepare for the future of how data will be collected and employed in our industry

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