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It may bring Flash Gordon to mind, but solar energy from space may finally be getting close.

On Friday, April 10, Space Energy CEO Stephan Tennsel will describe the company's plans to place large arrays of solar panels in space, where sunlight is converted to electricity 24 hours a day. This energy is safely transmitted back to Earth by radio wave, just like a point-to-point communication signal such as blue-tooth or a mobile phone call. Main advantages include a constant energy supply with no day/night cycle, much stronger levels of sunlight (up to 42x) and the ability to broadcast the power on demand to any location on Earth.

The company is raising, in 3 stages, $12.5M, $50M and $250M to build and launch a small demonstrator that will orbit the Earth by 2010, transmitting energy to several key sites. It will also cover total operational costs for the next two years - the amount of time it will take to complete the demonstrator. It believes a successful demonstration will trigger contracts for energy supply. Then it will need $12 billion to build and launch the first commercial GW strength satellite. Space Energy intends to raise this as an advance against the energy contracts.

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