Agrion's Energy & Sustainability: Meet Industry Leaders

agrion_IMG_1089The energy landscape in the next ten years will be as different as the refrigerator-sized main frame computers of the 70's are from the iPhone in your pocket.

What that will look like is unfolding now. Leaders in all phases of industry and commerce are demanding resilient, efficient energy, that will deliver the cleanest, most reliable, and safest power at the lowest cost. Understanding where the markets are going -- and where investment dollars will make the biggest impact -- has become critically important for:

  • Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Southwest Airlines, Campbell's Soup Company, Volkswagen, DuPont, Wyndham Worldwide and L'Oreal.
  • Financial and advisory firms like McKinsey & Company, Morgan Stanley, UBS Wealth Management, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, GDF Suez Energy Finance, Booz Allen Hamilton and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Energy companies like PSE&G, eMeter, ClearBridge Advisors, Viridity Energy.

These and many more will be attending Agrion's Energy & Sustainability Summit.


  • Per capita consumption of energy averaged 46 percent above the 1949 level.
  • Wood and wood-derived fuels produce more energy than any other renewable fuel except Hydroelecticity -- dams. In 1988, wood briefly eclipsed even that.
  • The value of direct federal financial interventions and subsidies was $37.2 billion in 2010. The largest increase was for conservation and end-use subsidies.
  • Today's economy would need nearly 50% more energy without the energy-efficiency improvements that have taken place since 1973. This is more than from any single energy source, including oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power.
  • Global spending on smart grid projects will reach US $36bn by 2013, with worldwide investment reaching a cumulative total of US$600bn by 2020.
  • The US, one of the first nations to industrialize and therefore create an energy infrastructure, is also the first to suffer from the obsolescence of its existing grid. Aging infrastructure and a declining workforce makes grid replacement a necessity over the next decade. A smart grid could enhance effectiveness and efficiency, as well as circumvent the skills gap.

A unique feature of this event is a format which allows for high-level, intimate and frank discussion. The event includes:

  • Market Opportunities and Strategic Investment: This track will examine the latest developments in the Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Trading & Financing markets. It will also feature discussions with the developers of 8 game-changing energy projects.
  • Promoting High Level Networking: AGRION's Energy & Sustainability Meeting is unlike other conferences in the wide diversity of industry, policymaker and financier professionals it attracts and it's unique format which allows for high-level, intimate and frank discussion. In addition to a more conventional conference format, Energy leaders will have the opportunity to be spread around tables of 8 and will rotate between tables 4 times a day, each time meeting new people.
  • Gathering CSOs in Small Committees for Conversation: In the Sustainability track, AGRION only targets CSOs (Corporate Sustainability Officers) of large corporations who will also be divided into tables of 8. These CSOs will principally come from Europe, Asia and North America, where AGRION has offices and members.

agrion_summit_logoAGRION is the leading global network for Energy and Corporate Sustainability. We connect the main stakeholders of energy markets as well as Chief Sustainability Officers from the largest corporations in the world. AGRION has offices in San Francisco, New York, Paris, Frankfurt and Beijing to meet the local needs of a network of over 200,000 professionals. The AGRION global program can be found at

Name of event: Agrion Energy & Sustainability Summit

Date: February 19th & 20th

Venue: The Metropolitan Pavillion
125 W 18th St. New York, NY 10011

Register: Here

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