Goodbye Batteries…Hello H20!

Clock Tells Time Using Specifically Designed Metal Plates

Water clocks, along with sundials, were among the earliest timekeepers known to man. Water dripped into a marked bowl to count the passage of time; however, most water clocks proved to be inaccurate and mostly disappeared from use. Until now!

Bedol, the maker of the world’s finest water clocks, announces the release of the newest clock to its line of patented water powered clocks, The Bedol Wall Water Clock. Like all of the clocks in its product line,The Bedol Wall Water Clock is powered entirely with water—no electricity and no batteries necessary. 

With no need for conventional power, the eco-friendly Bedol Wall Water Clock can be placed on any wall—no electric socket and no cord necessary—and will run only on water for up to one year without changing. The sleek, contemporary design of this timepiece is sculpted in the shape of a water drop to provide an eye-catching piece of wall art that matches its innovative energy source.

This unique clock saves money and reduces the user’s carbon footprint by using a renewable resource that makes the need for normal lithium-ion batteries a thing of the past. Powered by ions found in regular tap water, The Bedol Wall Water Clock easily keeps time thanks to two proprietary metal plates specifically designed for Bedol clocks. Once the plates encounter water, naturally occurring positive (+) and negative (–) ions generate enough electricity to keep the clock ticking. It’s that simple. It’s that clean.

Available in four fashionable colors—Water Blue, Hot Teal, Flowing Gold, Nature (charcoal), The Bedol Wall Water Clock retails for $89 and can be purchased at and select retailers across the nation. The Bedol Wall Water Clock joins the unique line of water clocks that include the SquirtWinkDrop and Smiley. All products are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and select models feature a daily or hourly alarm.

This year marks the first time Bedol will be exhibiting at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, March 15 – 18. Please stop by booth #S4380 to see The Bedol Wall Water Clock in action.

About Bedol 

Bedol features the latest in innovative products that transform traditional household and office items into fun, unique and edgy talking pieces. Company founder and designer, Mark Bedol, established the Bedol brand with popular inventions and designs such as: Checkmaster, a checkbook calculator that simultaneously balances three different accounts; the sleek looking Spider Clock, and the Supersmart line of children's school supplies to help keep kids organized. Bedol is committed to not only providing high-quality, innovative products, but doing its part for the environment by offering eco-friendly alternatives. Bedol products are sold at select retailers in the US, including Bed Bath & Beyond, The Smithsonian Gift Shop, and the MIT Museum Store.