How the Food Sector Manages Water Risk

New Report Exposes How the Food Sector is Managing Water Risk 

From farm to factory, food production is the most water-intensive business on earth. In Feeding Ourselves Thirsty, Ceres takes a closer look at how the food sector is managing water risk. The report evaluates the water use, stewardship, and policies of 37 major food sector companies in four industries: packaged food, beverage, meat, and agricultural products. It analyzes some of the largest global food companies, including big names like Coca-Cola, Kraft, General Mills, and Cargill.

Not only does the research serve as a benchmarking report, it provides recommendations for how investment analysts can more effectively evaluate food sector companies on their water risk exposure. It also offers suggestions for how companies in the food sector can improve water efficiency and water quality across their operations and supply chains to reduce risks and better steward freshwater resources.

Findings indicate that while a small number of companies are doing a lot to manage water risks, most have a long way to go.

To learn more about these results and ways to engage, read the report.