Our Changing Utilities

Traditionally, electric utilities did it all: built facilities to generate energy and then distributed it to customers. This incentivizes the industry to encourage people to buy more and use more, since their profits are tied to usage.  

As energy has become deregulated, the utilities' profit is tied to the costs of transmission. What this means for customers is more control, the ability to set their own risk profile for energy procurement, as well as the deployment of micro-grids that combine energy efficiency, generation, storage and back-up power.  

Deregulated Grid

Deregulated Grid with Customer Side
Energy Management or Generation 

Deregulated Grid with Customer Side Management

  1. Average mix of generation in 2012.
  2. Residential or small commercial / industrial: Incorporates renewables such as wind and solar, as well as some cost savings from agreed upon utility side energy management. 
  3. Distributed Generation: Co-generation where heat from power generation is used for heating water or facilities. 
  4. Micro Grid: Data analytics for energy efficiency; renewable generation; storage; generators; cost savings from customer and utility side energy management. Micro-grids can provide power when off-line for hours or days depending on the design.