Reduced Waste Important to Stakeholders

There has been a noticeable increase in domestic stakeholder interest and activity around waste, recycling and packaging over the past two years.

From campaigns to petitions, policy initiatives to collective action project, companies can anticipate increased scrutiny of their operations through 2015 and beyond. 

The degree to which businesses elect to engage with stakeholders, and the solutions that they collectively identify, will likely shape the product stewardship landscape for decades to come. New research from U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation partner Future 500 can assist prescient companies in navigating this complex stakeholder network, enabling engagement opportunities that reduce risk and create shared value.

This proprietary research package breaks down current stakeholder trends, priorities, and key influencers, and is available at a discounted rate exclusively for the Corporate Citizenship Center stakeholders. Please contact Danna Pfahl, Future 500's VP of Stakeholder Engagement, for more information -