TGEink: Data to Information

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It's a crowded media world. Everyone has thoughts, opinions, ideas. There's new technologies, policies and financing, all of which interact together in unique and often unpredictable ways. Making sense of all that noise and clutter is what TGEink, the magazine of The Green Economy is all about. We even simplified our mission:

TGEink is selling a green economy to the American Public because no one invests in what they don't understand.

So as of the beginning of this month, we changed our approach -- and updated our brand. In the past, we prided ourselves on online magazines, loaded with articles for business leaders. Now we pride ourselves on each article arriving everywhere: your inbox, our website, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Slide Share, Pinterest. Even polls, and reprints and anything else that helps people become more knowledgeable about a green economy. We talk on, and are looking to post on Apple News. We're expanding our interviews, broadening our scope.

The Green Economy is everyone's opportunity, everyone's future. Without a national focus with a plan for a clean energy future, efficient transportation and a revitalized water infrastructure, we are a 20th century country competing in a 21st century world. This is the time, and this is the mission: change into a country that values all resources, especially people. 

You can join us by visiting our Patreon site, where you can find content that you like and want to support. Thanks, and have a great day.

Tana Kantor and all the people at, the magazine of The Green Economy.