About Us

The Green Economy is forging a multi-faceted platform for the new economy.  

Positioned at the interchange of high-value, quality content and critical information consumers, we are:

  • Collecting the cutting edge, raw information about the opportunities in a green economy from those working within the industries of the future, 
  • Sequencing and analyzing that information, crafting it into consumable content for policy makers and business decision makers, and 
  • Delivering content in a manner that helps businesses and our partners measure the impact of content, while analyzing our delivery so that our process can remain adaptable to the needs of our partners, our readers and the next generation of leaders.

How do we do it? 

The Green Economy is continuing a move away from a static mode of the past, as we embrace a new dynamic model by establishing the platforms needed to safely, securely, and accurately publish to where you are, with the high quality content you expect from TGEink, the Magazine of The Green Economy.