Boating Infrastructure Grant for New Jersey

New Jersey to Receive $1,695,530 in Boating Infrastructure Grant from US Department of Interior

The U.S. Department of the Interior announced that New Jersey will receive a Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) of $1,025,976 to improve boating infrastructure and provide opportunities for outdoor recreation. State partners will provide $669,554 in additional non-federal matching funds, bringing the total project cost to $1,695,530. This is in addition to the Tier 1 grant of $200,000 matched with additional non-federal funds to the tune of $67,168.   

This announcement is part of $14 million in BIG funds being awarded nationwide. Nearly $10 million will be awarded competitively for 10 projects in seven states under the BIG Tier II subprogram. The Service will also release $4 million to fund 33 projects in 23 states, commonwealths and territories under the BIG Tier I subprogram. States and their partners will provide more than $16 million in non-federal matching funds toward these projects. These grants are awarded on an annual basis. A full list of funding and projects can be found here.

What is BIG?

The Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (BIG) provides grant funds to the states, the District of Columbia and insular areas to construct, renovate, and maintain tie-up facilities with features for transient boaters in vessels 26 feet or more in length, and to produce and distribute information and educational materials about the program. 

The BIG Program includes two funding tiers, Tier One (non-competitive) and Tier Two (nationally competitive). Under Tier One each state, the D.C. and insular area may receive funding for eligible projects up to $200,000 annually. Tier Two funds are made available through a nationally competitive process. Tier Two proposals received are reviewed, evaluated and ranked by a national panel with the final decision for funding made by the Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation proposes to assist Kammerman’s Marina with the removal of deteriorating bulkheads (retaining wall), walkways, gangways(access ways to the marina) and docks and installation of new environmentally friendly structures. The proposed floating docks will accommodate transient boats 26 foot to 60 foot in length and additional fixed dockage will allow for transient boats up to 160 foot on the bulkhead and fuel dock. All transient slips will be dredged to seven foot depth at mean low tide. New power and water pedestals will be installed for all transient slips. Additional 100 AMP power stations will be installed on the fuel dock to accommodate larger transient recreational boats. Four additional bathrooms with showers and an expanded laundry facility will be installed exclusively for transient boaters."'

US Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke said, "Outdoor recreation is a key part of our American heritage, and boating in particular is how many Americans enjoy our public waters. The BIG grants help ensure that anglers and boaters experience improved access to fishing opportunities and safer, more user-friendly recreational boating facilities.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service BIG program provides funding through excise and other taxes on certain fishing and boating equipment and gasoline to support dedicated boat tie-up facilities and associated amenities to help Americans enjoy the nation’s waters.

Funding for the BIG program comes from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund. Since its inception in 2000, the BIG program has awarded $194 million to projects for large transient recreational boats, including the construction of more than 5,000 berths for boaters across most states and U.S. territories.