Farmland Mortgages in 14 States from Iroquois

Farmland Mortgages in 14 States from Iroquois

Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT, a Real Estate Investment Trust company through Iroquois Farms LLC, just closed its 50th farm financing. The farmland finance company added mortgages to its product base two years ago. Since then, 13 farmers have taken out mortgages with the company as a way to access land or refinance their farms.

Iroquios Valley started out as a food and farmland company in Iroquois County, Illinois, interested in investing in local and organic agriculture and a commitment to support family farmers. It all began with the ambition of two former college roommates who wanted to find a solution to the ecological and economic degeneration of the environment.

Today, Iroquois Valley is a restorative farmland finance company committed to social responsibility, environmental soundness, and economic viability. Giving farmers access to capital is key to funding necessary changes, such as organic farming, to our food system, according to the farmland finance company.

Being able to offer the best financial package to the farmer, through both leases and mortgages, allows the company to better support the growing credit need of the next generation of farmers. Iroquois Valley started with just one farm and one farmer in 2007 and has since reported record revenues and earnings for 2017. Iroquois Valley is designed for public outreach and has incorporated its REIT as a Delaware public benefit corporation.

The company stated that while it may not yet be the world's largest Real Estate Investment Trust, it has established itself as one of the most impactful companies in business today. Iroquois Valley prides itself as a a company with a "solid business plan, strong financials, a world class vision based in healthy, real assets, and many more organic farmers that we must fund over the next 50 years."

The company's investor base, largely composed of individuals and families using IRAs, now reaches 40 states and multiple countries. Given the increasing awareness of the many public benefits of healthy soils, Iroquois Valley plans to announce its first retail offering of securities "soon".

The company is well aware that farmers are in front of investment capital. In order to fund the transition to a healthier agricultural system, thousands of new investors are needed.

Iroquois Valley's Top Ten 2017 - 2018 Impacts 

  • It has reached the "50 club" of 50 farms financed
  • It has funded 35 farm families, strengthening rural communities in 14 states, from Maine to Montana
  • Nearly 70% of its farmer tenants are millennials. It is investing in the next generation.
  • Over 50% of newly employed capital is invested into existing relationships
  • Its farms are increasingly biodiverse
  • Its capital is widely dispersed, funded primarily by individuals, now in over 40 states and countries
  • Its Soil Restoration Notes offering is listed on the ImpactAssets Giving Fund
  • It is growing soil and dividends. Equity investors received a payout of $5.50 per share last year.
  • It had record earnings of $217,000 in 2017
  • It is the first "Best for the World" B Corp/REIT, incorporated as a public benefit corporation and governed by a women-led board