If we tolerate this, our children may be next

If you tolerate this, then your children will be next..

Why stop new border policies

  1. Those policies teach us, when comforting our crying toddlers — or those of our friends or relatives — that other children’s tears don’t matter.

  2. Those policies teach us that the family is sacred only when confined to those making the rules. All others, beware.

  3. Those policies show kids that bullying is OK.

  4. Worse yet, children see and hear what is in the news, so they wonder if they will be next.

  5. Finally, it is making monsters of hard working border agents. Fathers and sons, wives and mothers are tearing children from their families and then going home to try and nurture their own. They are learning to turn their backs on children, on terrified parents, on sisters and brothers watching their siblings disappear. This is just not right.

For many of us, the urge to comfort a crying child — whether ours or someone else’s — is almost overwhelming. Many of those supporting this policy were once outspoken advocates for ‘family values’. What happened to those voices, and how are they now quiet as the essence of what a family means is torn to shreds?

Our children are our future. This policy belies that very thought, as it passes along a toxic policy that will pervade our central compassion system, making it ill. This must stop. It doesn’t matter if we’re Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals, Trump supporters or not. This policy has demeaned us all.

If we tolerate this, our children will be next.

Manic Street Preachers from their album This is my Truth, Tell me Yours.