New Solar Stove Saving Natural Disaster Victims

Solavore Launches Campaign to Distribute Solar Ovens in Struggling Puerto Rico

Five months after hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rican shores, 400,000 residents remain without power and the island’s power authority faces a rocky funding future.  As such, relief, recovery and readiness are the three broad goals behind the campaign to deploy 100% fuel-free cooking alternatives to families still without power as well as those most vulnerable to future outages.  The program establishes a proof point for solar ovens in disaster recovery, especially after storms that leave areas flooded with water that is unsafe to drink and food that cannot be cooked safely. A company that makes ovens fueled by sunlight has come to help fill the gap.

That company is Solavore, a maker of solar ovens that are virtually indestructible, with insulation and two-pot capacity to enable unattended, family-size year-round cooking. Particularly suited for Puerto Rico, the product includes a water pasteurization indicator that adds clean water to the Sport’s versatility. With slow-cooking, baking, and de-hydrating, it is well suited to a culture that eats a lot rice. The company believes that their Sport solar oven is an industry leader in price, performance, family-size capacity and rugged durability.

“The Solavore Sport solar oven cooks economical, nutritious meals for a family of six, bakes bread, and pasteurizes water – totally unattended,” notes Solavore CEO Anne Patterson. “And this rugged black box, 100% made in the USA, will be around for years and hurricanes to come, becoming part of a Puerto Rican household’s sustainable energy platform long after the lights are back on.” When asked about the name, Ms. Patterson said, chuckling, “Well carnivores eat meat, vegivores vegitables and solavores sunlight.”

Solavore, LLC, is a women-owned social enterprise committed to the manufacture and global distribution of 100% fuel-free clean cooking technology. The company reports that their crowdfunding campaign to distribute the Solavore Sport solar oven in Puerto Rico reached over 50% of its initial goal in 48 hours on Indiegogo’s charity crowd funding site The campaign has a stated goal of raising a minimum of $5,500 to send twenty-five ovens to Puerto Rico, with an end goal of one hundred solar ovens in total. The campaign runs through March 29; and can be viewed here.

As a social enterprise, Solavore’s profits from the sale of their solar ovens are used to support the distribution of solar ovens to individual families throughout the developing world where nearly 3 billion families today cook on indoor open fires, resulting in respiratory disease and climate-altering deforestation.

 ABOUT Solavore:

Solavore is a women-owned social enterprise whose mission is to promote clean-cooking technology around the world. Solavore pledges to use its profits to remain independent and self- sustaining while providing clean cooking alternatives to the world’s 3 billion people who are still cooking over open fires. Solavore is a member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves and Solar Cookers International. For further information please visit Follow Solavore on facebook at, on Instagram and on Twitter @Solavore.