The Networked Grid 2012


Washington Duke Inn

Research Triangle Area, North Carolina


Announcing Greentech Media's fourth annual Networked Grid conference! Join utilities, industry experts, and the GTM Research analyst team in North Carolina to take a deep dive into the smart grid in 2012.

The Networked Grid 2012 is Greentech Media's 4th annual two-day smart grid summit covering today's market realities and trends going forward, as they shape next generation smart grid infrastructure and applications. Greentech Media strives to produce the most engaging, informative and important smart grid conference in the industry by leveraging our online content platform and in-depth market research to deliver a program that is unparalleled in the market.


  • Networked Grid Power and Communications Layer Infrastructure: 2012-2016
  • Smart Meter and AMI Utility Deployments by the Numbers
  • What is the Current and Future Status of Utility Spending and Deployment
  • Networked Grid Communications Architecture and Technologies for Global AMI Deployments
  • Communications Technologies Beyond Electric Meters: Smart Water and Gas Metering Infrastructure
  • Distribution Automation 2.0 and New Advances in Distribution Grid Power Electronics
  • Grid-Integrated Inverters: Bridging the Gap Between the Advanced Distribution Grid and Intermittent PV Generation

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