Updated Sustainability Software Makes Sustainability User-Friendly

Sustainability Dashboard Tools released an updated version of their system based on suggestions by managers of multi-tenant office buildings.


"The new version is based on customer feedback and recommendations on how to make the system friendlier and easier to use," says Stephen Ashkin, CEO of the Sustainability Dashboard Tools.

First introduced in 2010, the web-based application helps facilities manage and monitor their use of natural resources and consumables to promote sustainability and reduce operating costs. It is specifically designed to be easy to use, reduce environmental impacts, save money, and create a culture of sustainability.

Sustainability Dashboard Tools Version 2.0 features the following :

  • Smart Tips: The Dashboard can now identify items being measured "that are out of the norm or an area of concern. It can also quickly point out, for instance, how much a facility is paying for electricity now compared to before they using the Dashboard to help quantify the system's return on investment."
  • Charts and Categories: The new version allows managers of multiple facilities to seamlessly compare different categories (energy and water use, recycling, etc.) in one or several facilities over a much more flexible time span and to view this information in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. "Further, we expanded the list of categories, sub-categories, and measurements for more thorough tracking including social equity issues."
  • Targets: Version 2.0 allows users to determine their own targets for various categories so that they can track their performance in specific areas of concern.
  • Sharing: In order to help create a "culture of sustainability"--one of the major goals of the Dashboard system--the new version makes it easier for users to share data with others within an organization in a variety of formats.

"There are also several other improvements [with version 2.0], from making data entry easier to simply being able to quickly bookmark frequently visited pages," said Ashkin. "Users of the original Dashboard will notice these improvements, and we believe they will be very impressed."