New Year's Resolution!

Please Stop Following Trump's Tweets

Just stop. Really. Ignore them.

If you must, use a tweet as an opportunity to talk about real events. Trump has a 'bigger button?" Then think and discuss foreign policy, using the tweet as an example if you must, not a headline.

The too hidden realities of our changing economy in a global world are the cuts affecting our ability to deliver clean water economically; to develop a world class, safe transportation system; and to compete with reliable energy developed through US innovation and finance but produced everywhere else. So, don't take the bait. Just ignore those bright shiny tweets, and talk about the stories that matter.

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  • Soy Production

    Recent sustainability research suggests that lack of action by soy producers in Brazil to avoid deforestation may lead to increased risk of losing market access, resulting in adverse financial impacts. 

  • Community Solar

    Community solar farm in Fremont, Nebraska sells out 1.55MW of community solar in 7 weeks.

  • cabon competitiveness

    Lowering Carbon Puts Companies on the Road to Savings, Innovation and Growth. Here's how Carlsberg is doing it.

  • Fresh Produce

    Customers changing food preferences demand food industry to restrategize, particularly on social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

  • Stop following those Tweets

    The all too hidden realities are the cuts to our infrastructure. We need to talk a lot more about what's really happening in DC.

  • In-Home Energy Consumption of Tech Devices Down 25% Since 2010. Turns out this is about efficiency. We're using more with less energy.

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Cities Are Still In: Working together, Building our Future

Cities, hard hit by changing weather, are leading with solutions that lower energy, make transportation cleaner and more efficient, and that save water while managing the problems of treatment in large urban areas. For cities, the the challenge is always balancing the costs of efforts at improving infrastructure against the outcomes. Smart city managers across the country are now sharing their lessons learned, creating a collaborative effort to solve their most pressing problems. They are Still In, working to meet the Paris Climate Accord.

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  • Pricing Water

    Evaluating water risks and opportunities for investors just got easier. Ceres has created an investor water toolkit that eases investor's fears.

  • Barnard rain garden

    The Camden SMART Initiative (Stormwater Management and Resource Training) looks at providing solutions to one of the gravest urban problems - storm water.

  • Through its latest investment round CleanCapital raises $3.7 million to the solar market.

  • Too squeamish to eat bugs? How about pigs that eat bugs? New University collaboration is figuring it out,

  • Senate Tax Bill Threatens Market Innovation

    The Senate's version of the tax bill could 'claw-back' promised tax equity, creating uncertainty around the entire tax equity market.

  • Good News: Fast Tracking Solar in Oakland

    REvolve crowdfunding campaign to solarize East Oakland church reaches goal in one day, with help of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and manufacturer Jinko Solar.

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